Happy Holidays – December 2020

by Ann B. Just a quick post to say Happy Holidays and Best Wishes from the Santa Fe Public Library. Just a couple of recipes, a couple of traditions, to share with our readers. While this season is usually a time of family and celebration, this year it’s a little different. But we hope youContinue reading “Happy Holidays – December 2020”

October Spooky-ish Reads

By Callie S. My co-workers are wonderfully creative people, and every October they conjure a box of decorations from below a desk and a few days later our workroom looks like….this. Decorating isn’t my forte. I’ll let them create the physical ambience, and I’ll provide you with the fall ambience. Here is a list ofContinue reading “October Spooky-ish Reads”

Patriot Day – 9/11

by John P. Today marks the 19th anniversary of 9/11.  The event continues to haunt America.  At this point though, one could be 19 years old, and would have no knowledge of it except, through videos, conversations, and of course books. Much has been written about it, and it seems likely much will continue toContinue reading “Patriot Day – 9/11”

Why It’s Okay to Abandon a Book

by Callie S. It’s a rainy Thursday evening and you have a cup of tea, a soft blanket, a purring cat and you’re all set to settle down with that book all of your friends raved about last month. Even though you’ve made the prospect as enticing as you can, you just don’t want to.Continue reading “Why It’s Okay to Abandon a Book”

National Tattoo Day – July 17th, 2020

by Ann B. It’s National Tattoo Day and to celebrate, we thought we’d share some of our library ink.  Most of us don’t automatically think of libraries or librarians when we hear the word “tattoo” but it’s not uncommon to find staff members with ink related to personal events, a literary favorite, or both!  WhetherContinue reading “National Tattoo Day – July 17th, 2020”

Summer Fun with the Kids!

by Nicole W. If you’re a parent or caregiver, you might find yourself wondering what to do with your kids this summer. Due to the pandemic, many camps have been cancelled, museums and attractions remain closed, and vacations are postponed. Below are some books with creative ideas to help pass the time and inspire creativityContinue reading “Summer Fun with the Kids!”

Sally Ride Day – May 26th

Sally Ride Day – May 26th By Nicole, Main Library  Did you know that America’s first woman in space was also a published children’s book author? Sally Ride made history in 1983 aboard the space shuttle Challenger STS-7 and later published seven children’s books to encourage young people to explore space and pursue careers inContinue reading “Sally Ride Day – May 26th”

May 11th – Twilight Zone Day

submitted by Marie V. “You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the Twilight Zone!” Rod Serling May 11th is Twilight Zone Day.  Twilight Zone was created by Rod Serling in 1959.  The beloved series exploresContinue reading “May 11th – Twilight Zone Day”

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